Adobe or Bloomreach?

How are they different?

Both platforms are great and have their own strengths
but for techies like us, they're fully equal


The technical skills for
managing AEM or brXM
are quite the same

Technologies used:

  1. Both platforms are fully written in Java + Spring Framework. and the platform's backends can be extended and configured in Java + Spring as well. Their full text searching capabilities are offered by an embedded Elastic Search Engine.
  2. Angular, React or plain HTML are used for rendering the frontend part. In fact, both platforms can deliver content both in headfull and headless ways. This makes both platforms fully independent from any front-end technology. Your content can easily be rendered on responsive webpages, complex web applications, newsletters, mobile apps, digital displays, printable assets, ...
  3. We are used to working with CI/CD pipelines based on Git + Jenkins + Maven + Docker but you are fully free to choose any other professional CI/CD framework to build and release new versions of your application. Besides Jenkins, we have worked with GitLab CI, CircleCI and TeamCity and they all had wonderful results.
  4. Adobe as well as Bloomreach offer fantastic cloud hosting solutions that we can manage for you or help you with. If however, you prefer to do self hosting using another professional cloud solution like AWS or Google Cloud then we can provide that service too.